7 Days In Entebbe

7 Days In Entebbe

By José Padilha

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2018-03-16
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 47min
  • Director: José Padilha
  • Production Company: Participant Media
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
From 152 Ratings


An act of terrorism leads to one of the most daring rescue missions ever attempted. When a commercial flight is hijacked in 1976 and diverted to an abandoned terminal at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, the terrified passengers become bargaining chips in a deadly political standoff. As the likelihood of finding a diplomatic solution fades, an elite group of commandos hatch a fearless plot to rescue the hostages before time runs out. Daniel Brühl (Captain America: Civil War), Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and Eddie Marsan (Atomic Blonde) star in this riveting thriller inspired by true events.


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  • 7 Days in Entebbe

    By *(*&YHT^CGVF
    Don't waste your time. Slow and a bait and switch. More scenes from a stupid dance scene at the end than why 100% of people watched movie - a rescue. Suspect they ran out of money to make movie. Was more a collection of incomplete stories than a rescue movie.
  • One Big Lecture

    By Trixie, Pixie, Mellie, and Fred
    I lived through this: and I remember how Israel's astounding rescue of its citizens captivated and inspired the world. This movie choses to ignore all that and focus, instead, on (A) lecture after lecture on the supposed need to negotiate with terrorists, and (B) a dance troupe in which one woman must overcome stage fright. To call the hideously interposed dance scenes at the climax of the movie annoying is to show an extreme kindness.
  • Poor movie

    By ehhemmer
    Missed opportunity to what could have been an iconic and historic movie. Why can there never be 2 sides to a story? The story plot is biased, positioning the terrorist activists as, wait for it, the victims. No character building on any of the hostages, who were obviously also human and who experienced a horrific ordeal. It gets worse toward the end, where the finale in the last 15 minutes is totally hijacked (no pun intended) by irrelevant, annoying, and disturbing dance performances. Shame on the director, who obviously failed his major in art school and was not allowed to conduct any dance performances. Don’t waste money on this rubbish.
  • Great story but not great movie

    By Monki811
    This movie was not bad as it covered the events pretty well and there was good drama. I was really disappointed about the last scenes when the Israeli soldiers got to Entebbe airport as the movie massacred those scenes by interjecting irrelevant dance scenes during the most dramatic part of the story. It took away the focus of the event of the Israeli soldiers fighting to rescue the hostages. I think a better version of this story is a movie with Charles Bronson titled "Raid on Entebbe" at least that movie did not interject useless dance scenes during the most dramatic part of the rescue. I also do not appreciate the leftist -pro terrorist bent of this movie.
  • An absolute Hollywood style joke

    By combinot
    This is a pathetic depiction of actual events. It tries to humanize and moralize a group of murderers and thugs. Watch the old Charles Bronson version for a much better idea. There have been many movies about this. But this one is awful. Total crap.
  • Pass on it

    By ChinaVol1
    I am sorry I rented this movie. Had great expectations after watching the first movie years ago. This movie was not even in the same class. Thankful when it was over. How does such a terrible movie get released?
  • Terrible movie

    By treiytr
    Bad acting, terrible actors.
  • Really bad history

    By 77's fan
    Hollywood left-leaning, pro-terrorist movie. Any surprise? Left coast trash.
  • Horrible - do not waste your dollars

    By Soaringeagle123
    The 1976 version with Bronson is superb compared to this mess!
  • Disaster

    By Catch22
    It is so bad. It is frustrating to watch.