Batman: Death in the Family

Batman: Death in the Family

By Brandon Vietti

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2020-08-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Brandon Vietti
  • Production Company: Warner Bros. Animation
  • Production Country: United States of America
From 9 Ratings


Get 5 DC Showcase Shorts! Collection includes Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive), Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, The Phantom Stranger, and Death. Alternate storylines for Batman: Death in the Family only included as bonus content. Batman: Death in the Family Short: Trained as Batman’s protégé, Jason Todd brings a relentless sense of justice as Robin, who sets his sights on bringing down the Joker. But can Batman save Robin from a fate worse than death? Tragedy, revenge and redemption await in this groundbreaking DC film! Who will live? Who will die? Who will watch over Gotham? Also includes 4 additional DC Showcase Shorts: Adam Strange, Sgt. Rock, The Phantom Stranger, and Death.


Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family Wallpaper Batman: Death in the Family


  • Waste of time and money

    By sdotbrown_88
    This isn’t the interactive film. Just a short recap of under the red hood with some extra added on. Wish I had saved the $15 snd bought the physical copy so I could get what I was actually looking for
  • Nothing new...

    By E.ili.a
    Why the cover is red hood but nothing new about that
  • Lied to

    By 768464
    This was horrible. I’d ask for my money back but I don’t want go through all the bull crap just for 5$ rent. Just a recap of the red hood movie with extra scenes of dialogue of in between scenes. What a money grab waste of a film.
  • Not worth it, save your money

    By WoofieVal
    The first 28:24 of the movie is about Bruce having a “therapy session” with someone - (don’t want to spoil it). During the session, we can see Bruce detailing the events of “Batman Under the Red Hood” the other person but nothing else is shown. The rest of the movie is DC’s showcase of 4 other storylines which have nothing to do with the movie itself. Do not waste your money. It is a waste of time.
  • Not the interactive movie

    By Gnarly Jew Bones
    A quick retelling of Under the Red Hood. Besides some additional scenes this was very disappointing
  • Disappointing

    By Hoffer
    I did not realize this was just a condensed version of a previously released DC aninated movie, with a couple new shorts thrown in. To be honest, I recognized a couple of the other shorts as things I've seen before as well. I hope this isn't some new thing DC is going to be doing. Recutting previously released content, and selling as new. I'm definitley not going to be buying DC stuff day one anymore. I will be waiting to find out if it is actual new content.
  • False advertising

    By AP's
    This is a mass up of different stories and not a death in the family only stay away, just reuses animation from Under the Red Hood for the first part which was death in the family everything after that is complete bunk.
  • Am I Missing Something?

    By O.Elkoton
    I rented this movie but there are no choices there is just one short that is a recap of Under the Red Hood. The other shorts are boring. Do I have to buy the movie in order to get the proper experience or did DC pull a bait and switch? Also tone down the sexism guys it’s 2020. Very upset.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By B.Rudz
    Just a recap of other films. Nothing new. Not worth the time or money. Felt scammed.
  • Not interactive on iTunes

    By JMbuckshot
    We were promised an interactive story with multiple endings, and iTunes hardly lacks the capability to allow that to happen. Still, all I got was one story that was a glorified clip show from Batman: Under the red hood. I’d be able to forgive that if I could at least gotten what I was promised, but I wasn’t. I had already heard the movie could’ve been better in terms of the stories not being as fleshed out as they could’ve been, but what happened here was basically theft. Don’t buy this movie here And iTunes, I want my money back