The White Princess, Season 1

The White Princess, Season 1

The White Princess

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-04-16
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 21
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Drawn from the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory, and part of The Cousins’ War book series, “The White Princess" sees England ostensibly united by the marriage of Elizabeth of York (Lizzie) and King Henry VII, but their personal and political rift runs deep and the war that rages between them threatens to tear the kingdom apart once again. “The White Princess" is a tale of power, family, love and betrayal, which charts one of the most tumultuous times in British history uniquely from the point of view of the women waging the ongoing battle for the English throne.


Title Time Speed
1 In Bed with the Enemy 58:02 49,776 KB/Sec Download
2 Inside the World: Episode 1 - "In Bed wi 01:15 20,487 KB/Sec Download
3 Hearts and Minds 53:55 40,214 KB/Sec Download
4 Inside the World: Episode 2 - "Hearts an 01:28 46,447 KB/Sec Download
5 Burgundy 57:08 47,933 KB/Sec Download
6 Inside the World: Episode 3 - "Burgundy" 01:37 39,193 KB/Sec Download
7 The Pretender 56:09 36,486 KB/Sec Download
8 Inside the World: Episode 4 - "The Prete 01:32 49,673 KB/Sec Download
9 Traitors 56:23 47,322 KB/Sec Download
10 Inside the World: Episode 5 - "Traitors" 01:21 25,515 KB/Sec Download
11 English Blood and English Soil 55:33 36,230 KB/Sec Download
12 Inside the World: Episode 6 - "English B 01:29 47,404 KB/Sec Download
13 Two Kings 56:40 48,877 KB/Sec Download
14 Inside the World: Episode 7 - "Two Kings 01:41 20,135 KB/Sec Download
15 Old Curses 58:45 43,813 KB/Sec Download
16 Inside the World: Episode 8 - "Old Curse 01:36 43,761 KB/Sec Download
17 The White Princess: Official Trailer 01:00 36,792 KB/Sec Download
18 The White Princess: Set Tour 03:19 25,290 KB/Sec Download
19 The White Princess: First Look 02:16 47,105 KB/Sec Download
20 The White Princess: A 15th Century Royal 02:01 38,806 KB/Sec Download
21 The White Princess: Family Tree 01:50 48,299 KB/Sec Download



  • So engaging!

    By darcyinconverse
    Loved this show!!!
  • I loved this series.

    By Kingger
    I found this show to be awesome. You should watch it.
  • Fantastic

    By laurakristina
  • white queen was much better

    By direwolf75
    The comparison between The White Queen and The White Princess is unavoidable, and the former wins BIG. The performances in White Princess are quite weak and the strory line is a little over the place.
  • 🎉

    By Aleshia🌞
    The show was just as great as the book, I can't wait to see what book they do next
  • Blaisowvko

    By pbbpo thpupkpbepokopkp
    M.k p

    By DanDDLC
    Fantastic followup for the White Queen.
  • Based on a novel and good!

    By Starbück
    This is based on a novel and did a decent job of following it. In terms of historically accurate, of course not, but a great show none the less!
  • Loved It!

    By Irishdawn838
    Hope there is another season, or another miniseries the way they teased us with Wolsey at the end! But there was so much missing, and so much more to learn about the Tudors how did they end up marrying into the Stuarts line, and Arthur's death and Lizzie's other children and much more!
  • DA

    By sdtjxw EE
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