Riverdale, Season 2

Riverdale, Season 2


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Episodes: 26
From 265 Ratings


Based on the characters from Archie Comics, Riverdale returns with its subversive take on small-town life. Determined to protect the sanctity of his town in the wake of his father’s shooting, season two of Riverdale finds Archie (KJ Apa) seeking vengeance. As a civil war brews between the Northside and the Southside, loyalties will be divided. Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) relationship enters fragile territory when Jughead decides to live on the Southside, and Betty becomes plagued by the news of her long lost brother. Veronica (Camila Mendes) will find her life upended by her father Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) arrival given that it’s their first reunion since his arrest, and Archie’s rivalry with Reggie (Charles Melton) will grow. Things aren’t always what you’d expect in Riverdale, and that’s especially true as Archie tries to uncover the mystery of his father’s attack.


Title Time Speed
1 Chapter Fourteen: "A Kiss Before Dying" 42:23 49,415 KB/Sec Download
2 Chapter Fifteen: "Nighthawks" 42:23 47,872 KB/Sec Download
3 Chapter Sixteen: "The Watcher in the Woo 42:24 37,264 KB/Sec Download
4 Chapter Seventeen: "The Town That Dreade 42:21 48,858 KB/Sec Download
5 Chapter Eighteen: "When a Stranger Calls 42:22 37,723 KB/Sec Download
6 Chapter Nineteen: "Death Proof" 42:23 39,850 KB/Sec Download
7 Chapter Twenty: “Tales from the Darksi 42:23 21,144 KB/Sec Download
8 Chapter Twenty-One: “House of the Devi 42:28 32,313 KB/Sec Download
9 Chapter Twenty-Two: “Silent Night, Dea 42:22 24,482 KB/Sec Download
10 Chapter Twenty-Three: "The Blackboard Ju 42:23 21,706 KB/Sec Download
11 Chapter Twenty-Four: "The Wrestler" 42:22 21,587 KB/Sec Download
12 Chapter Twenty-Five: "The Wicked and the 42:19 36,533 KB/Sec Download
13 Chapter Twenty-Six: "The Tell-Tale Heart 42:23 42,129 KB/Sec Download
14 Chapter Twenty-Seven: "The Hills Have Ey 42:22 41,687 KB/Sec Download
15 Chapter Twenty-Eight: "There Will Be Blo 42:22 38,707 KB/Sec Download
16 Chapter Twenty-Nine: "Primary Colors" 42:23 45,580 KB/Sec Download
17 Chapter Thirty: “The Noose Tightens” 42:23 20,748 KB/Sec Download
18 Chapter Thirty-One: “A Night to Rememb 42:22 32,630 KB/Sec Download
19 Making the Musical: Riverdale 04:53 48,381 KB/Sec Download
20 Chapter Thirty-Two: "Prisoners" 42:23 33,532 KB/Sec Download
21 Chapter Thirty-Three: "Shadow of a Doubt 42:23 20,156 KB/Sec Download
22 Chapter Thirty-Four: "Judgment Night" 42:18 29,134 KB/Sec Download
23 Chapter Thirty-Five: "Brave New World" 42:16 23,738 KB/Sec Download
24 Riverdale Pop Quiz! 01:38 28,331 KB/Sec Download
25 Riverdale: 2017 Comic-Con Panel 29:31 24,390 KB/Sec Download
26 Caught Between Two Worlds: The Darkness 18:30 48,269 KB/Sec Download



  • No Words

    By Excelgirl04
    This show all the episodes leave me hanging off the edge of my seat with excitement and wonder every time the episode ends. Can’t wait to see what else this show holds in further episodes!!
  • Hit or Miss

    By OMGElsie
    The season's not over yet (I'll change the review if my mind is changed by the end), but this season I could not be arsed to care about the plot. Season 1 was pretty good, but somehow this season has really gone off the deepend of a pretty banal serial killer plot that gets kind of lame. EDIT: Nope. The story and characters are nonsense in this season I regret buying
  • omggggg

    By kaywastaken
    fav show
  • I’m confused

    By Alivia Proffitt
    I bought it and it only shows me the preview
  • OMG

    By Anonymous112334
    Love this show and can’t wait for Season 3!
  • First Season great Second Season average

    By tango25
    There so many issues with the second season. The people from the middle class white part of town against the multi-cultural poor people is weak and frustrating story line to watch. I continue to hope it gets better. What happen to Josie? is she still part of show? She is in a scene here and there, but not really present. The show has too much focus on the same four characters. josie is a great character that is ingnored. I had high hopes for Riverdale. I am updating my comments. I watch s number of episodes. The show is focused on the same four characters. Are the writers a sleep at the wheel?
  • Addicted!

    By Lindsmlmh
    I just watched season one and two and love it! I hope there will be a season three!!
  • I love this show

    By Baabyverenise
  • I’m in love with Riverdale😍😍😍

    I watched the first season and it was like love at first sight. What can I say, I. LOVE. RIVERDAL!
  • Riverdale

    By Laney /Delaney
    I have no words to say about this terrific show can’t wait for season 3💕