Timeless, Season 2

Timeless, Season 2


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-03-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 11
From 222 Ratings


From Eric Kripke (“Revolution,” “Supernatural”) and Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”), Season 2 of this thrilling action-adventure series will pickup right where we left off with our heroes. We continue to race throughout history with our beloved team: Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), a scientist; Wyatt (Matt Lanter), a soldier; and Lucy (Abigail Spencer), a history professor, in an attempt to prevent the destruction of our world as we all know it. This season they’ll find an unlikely ally in their quest to ruin Rittenhouse, a deadly organization with plans to change history and reshape reality — even though Lucy’s family has been a part of Rittenhouse for centuries. Still making every effort not to affect the past themselves, they will visit 1692, 1917, 1941, 1981 and more. We’ll be introduced to the likes of Marie Curie, Hedy Lamarr, William Randolph Hearst and a multitude of other influential people


Title Time Speed
1 The War to End All Wars 42:29 50,858 KB/Sec Download
2 The Darlington 500 43:09 33,633 KB/Sec Download
3 Hollywoodland 43:08 21,420 KB/Sec Download
4 The Salem Witch Hunt 43:07 27,786 KB/Sec Download
5 The Kennedy Curse 43:09 26,830 KB/Sec Download
6 The King of the Delta Blues 42:46 21,941 KB/Sec Download
7 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes 43:02 49,207 KB/Sec Download
8 The Day Reagan Was Shot 43:09 20,186 KB/Sec Download
9 The General 43:05 50,572 KB/Sec Download
10 Chinatown 43:01 24,720 KB/Sec Download
11 Season 1 Recap Trailer 01:22 22,121 KB/Sec Download



  • Amazing !!! - I'm eagerly awaiting Season 3. NBC - Please?????

    By brucex
    This is much, much more than a time travel story. Its an Action-Adventure-Dramedy - part Indiana Jones, part Lara croft, history lessons, family fueds, and love. Civil war, witch trials, the suffragette movement, NASA moon missions, and so, so much more. It is one of the most diverse casts on TV, and they are all great actors. I love every one of them. And the Season 2 ending/cliffhanger is _________. There are no words to describe what happen. Watch it !!!!!
  • Best Show Ever

    By Awesome_tv_show_reviewer
    I love this season so much! I hope it renews! 🤞🏻

    By Curveball1953
    There has to be a third season. I don't know what i would watch without Timeless. Each episode gets better and better. I have learned so much history watching the show. I watch each episode over and over. The show is so under rated. NBC please keep the show going.
  • Best Show on TV right now

    By Tvjunkie9
    This show is so captivating!! Each week this show continues to deliver fabulous story material not only for each character but the sweet and simple bits of important history that they mix into the overall arch. I love this show and I desperately hope it sticks around longer. You will fall in love with every character no matter if they’re playing the villian or the hero! It’s crazy good. Join the Time Team, you won’t be disappointed! 😉
  • 2nd season! Need a 3rd!

    By DannyMunsif
    So good, a must own!
  • Warning: Low budget, low brow; gone pro-LGBT

    By cosmiccath
    Last season was a great year for this show. As another pointed out, the formula remains but the show's budget and quality have dropped substantially. This could be forgiven. However... The sure sign of a struggling series is when they introduce a strong gender-bent episode. We are a family with traditional Western values, and do not appreciate the illogical premise of time travel and paradoxes used to justify the manipulation of people into same-sex marriages with children, justified by said sci-fi illogic. We were in this for fun and have no problem (specifically) with the producer's pro-women's rights and anti-slavery political views.The show trending to politically-correct agendas like this makes us wish we'd practiced our habit of individual program purchases. Now they've got our money, they seek for a LGBT audience for a few more dollars. This is not even honest, it is simply politics. Shameful. You've lost us.
  • Love

    By IrelandTX
    I love this show! It’s a show I didn’t even wait to go on sale to buy. It great to watch and imagine what if!
  • This show is dead

    By Madoka A
    The producers had no plan for Season 2, so they just made up an incredibly weak story line involving a larger Rittenhouse conspiracy. They have no budget for anything, so even though the fate of the entire world is at stake, our team hangs out in an abandoned bunker with no support personnel, costumes, researchers, etc. Even when they found Rittenhouse's base and could end their threat to human history, all they sent was just one guy, Wyatt, because they could not afford additional actors to play nameless government soldiers. It's painfully pathetic to see what they've been reduced to.
  • History with a twist

    By Steeler Ed
    I love this show and seeing where in time they go and how they change history and show what happens next. All this with a good vs. bad story line.
  • Refreshing, Rewarding Rittenhouse

    By 3 Irish Leather dogs
    Comcast is finally adding A Slightly Educational, Very Entertaining Show. Timeless is a Must Add to the Family’s Vault. In this World Of 24 X 7 News Cycles that Provides so little Substance To ‘Our Time Line’, Timeless gives us Glimpses into Pivotal Events into Our Young Country’s History. Please NBC, let the Creator’s of Timeless have The Airtime to help Americans Young through Old Understand & Enjoy Nuggets Of Kodachrome Knowledge!