Castle Rock, Season 1

Castle Rock, Season 1

Castle Rock

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-10-15
  • Episodes: 22
From 151 Ratings


A psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock is an original story that combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland.


Title Time Speed
1 Severance 54:26 34,465 KB/Sec Download
2 Habeas Corpus 47:40 50,263 KB/Sec Download
3 Local Color 49:06 42,379 KB/Sec Download
4 The Box 49:05 33,822 KB/Sec Download
5 Harvest 49:20 49,537 KB/Sec Download
6 Filter 43:31 45,858 KB/Sec Download
7 The Queen 59:47 36,506 KB/Sec Download
8 Past Perfect 50:34 24,394 KB/Sec Download
9 Henry Deaver 44:55 24,780 KB/Sec Download
10 Romans 51:45 35,731 KB/Sec Download
11 Castle Rock: Blood On the Page 19:42 29,851 KB/Sec Download
12 Clockwork of Horror 04:53 23,603 KB/Sec Download
13 Inside the Episode: Severance 03:45 30,865 KB/Sec Download
14 Inside the Episode: Habeas Corpus 02:56 21,987 KB/Sec Download
15 Inside the Episode: Local Color 03:23 44,636 KB/Sec Download
16 Inside the Episode: The Box 02:50 44,132 KB/Sec Download
17 Inside the Episode: Harvest 02:57 28,234 KB/Sec Download
18 Inside the Episode: Filter 03:26 31,875 KB/Sec Download
19 Inside the Episode: The Queen 03:05 36,694 KB/Sec Download
20 Inside the Episode: Past Perfect 02:26 29,477 KB/Sec Download
21 Inside the Episode: Henry Deaver 02:37 50,983 KB/Sec Download
22 Inside the Episode: Romans 03:14 35,520 KB/Sec Download



  • Zara

    By zghdghi
    Good 👍🏻👍🏻
  • weak finish

    By matycee
    Though this was some well crafted suspense TV with very, very good sound design and soundtrack the end of the story(for this season) came on abruptly and incredibly soft as if it were scrawled out in the writing phase while rushing to up tie the incredible sprawl. Likewise, there were some montanges that were truly wasteful adding practically nothing to the narrative and only came across as filler, oddly. Weird one. Here's a hot tip, borrow it from your local library and save a penny.

    By Navaornah
    Castle Rock while not an adaption of any Stephen King novel. Is an excellent, completely original story set in the terrifying town. What makes this show so fun is the “Easter eggs” featured throughout the season paying homage to other Stephen King works
  • Boring

    By pholly
    This show was an overlong and boring experience. I enjoyed all the King references and the last episode was a fairly good conclusion but it was a story that could have easily been done in 5 or less episodes. My favorite episode was The Queen.
  • Delayed satisfaction

    By W_Brown
    If you want to watch a series that doesn't make any sense until the last episode, then this is the show for you. And even then, it's not completely clear as to why it should end the way it does.