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  • Perfect casting-Fabulous murder mystery

    By Hey_Blondie!
    David E Kelley and Susanne Bier plus a great cast of characters. So happy thay HBO took this on. It had a rhythm of suspense up into the end. I appreciate adding actor Edgar Ramirez and Donald Sutherland. Highly Recommend!
  • SO GOOD!

    By Colerain
    Watched the series and read the book~enjoyed both very much.
  • horrible writing,dull ending

    By cytharea
    Not even as good as a below-average episode of Law & Order. Started out like an intriguingly campy psychological thriller, but the repetitive gore, fake surprises, childishly superficial characters, and too many just plain useless scenes ended up wasting our time. It did take our minds off the real world, but at a cost.
  • Yv we tend texas

    By eigyiv h
    Eyeso te mzr
  • Best Show of 2020

    By Mitsouko68G
    Pure escapism to take your mind off 2020. Dive into the gorgeous who-done-it, a time-capsule of pre-covid NYC and forget your own troubles for 6 hours.
  • best show

    By xccbgfdf
    one of the best shows this year
  • $3.99

    By Singames
    Why so high for an episode of a show no one knows about. Why is iTunes raising prices so high lately
  • Slow, dry, and boring

    By Cynthiat
    This was especially painful and hard to finish. All the walking, got to be a bit much...wasn’t really tied to a real plot. This lacked anything interesting, just too slow and dry. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was for #1 Donald Sutherland and #2 for Nicole Kidman, #3 Hugh Grant. They each deserved a star.