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  • Absolute art.

    By TheBurdenOfLife
    Hawley strikes again. The blending of the absurd with a conversation about 1950 America, race-relations, and organized crime is not just unique, but long-overdue.
  • Great, as per usual

    By @ndrewonline
    Noah Hawley is a hit-maker, and Season 4 of Fargo is no different. Production quality is high, new additions of Rock and Schwartzman are inspired, and of course I’m already wondering what era and place Season 5 will take place.
  • Ok now

    By a503
    Ok now
  • Apple is full of.....

    By Crashes Consistently
    If Apple is going to sell television shows, than they should not sell the show stating the premiere date of you are not actually “permitted” to watch the show on the premier date. They should note that actual date you will be “permitted” to watch the content. Even better, Apple should not charge you until you are “permitted” to watch the content. When you contact iTunes support, as with everything, they tell you to contact the app developer but the app developer says that it is iTunes. Amazon just lost a court case regarding this. When you buy a tool at a Hardware store and it doesn’t work, you don’t return the tool to the manufacturer, you return it to the hardware store that you purchased it at.
  • Where is episode 2?

    By snes7
    2 episodes aired yesterday, but iTunes only has 1.
  • No Sound S4 E2

    By Itsmericci
    There was no sound in the second episode from my iTunes purchase. Something wrong with the digital product.
  • Cannot access content

    By JMT 70
    Can’t let me see any episodes just bought the season pass for nothing