Suits, Season 1

Suits, Season 1


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2011-06-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
From 832 Ratings


In Suits, one of Manhattan’s top corporate lawyers (Gabriel Macht) sets out to recruit a new hotshot associate and hires the only guy that impresses him - a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Though he isn’t actually a lawyer, this legal prodigy has the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to serve justice and save their jobs, both these unconventional thinkers must continue the charade.


Title Time Speed
1 Pilot 1:12:23 23,468 KB/Sec Download
2 Errors and Omissions 42:55 35,928 KB/Sec Download
3 Inside Track 42:18 31,694 KB/Sec Download
4 Dirty Little Secrets 43:02 42,821 KB/Sec Download
5 Bail Out 42:03 45,541 KB/Sec Download
6 Tricks of the Trade 42:34 25,917 KB/Sec Download
7 Play the Man 42:51 20,627 KB/Sec Download
8 Identity Crisis 43:01 42,358 KB/Sec Download
9 Undefeated 42:54 35,439 KB/Sec Download
10 The Shelf Life 42:36 27,379 KB/Sec Download
11 Rules of the Game 42:29 41,132 KB/Sec Download
12 Dogfight 42:25 44,324 KB/Sec Download
13 Sneak Peek 02:23 42,784 KB/Sec Download



  • Soap-opera a la Mexican

    By roqanrol
    You can rate it all the stars you want, the truth is that Netflix already has it, seen all 5 seasons just because it was free (first month trial) After season 3 it turns into a cheap soap-opera, lots of the same drama, insults, narrow minded people. Do not waste your money.
  • The Best!!!

    By DJ E-Bro
    One of the best series out there, from the Pilot to the last episode as of season 5 as of now & beyond! Just give it a try cause you can't go wrong with this show!
  • Best show on USA!

    By AaronBScience
    I absolutely enjoy watching this television series. It's amazing how witty and classic this show has grown to be. I definitely encourage everyone to at least give this show a chance by watching season 1 episode 1. You become hooked instantly! Go Suits!!
  • Save money

    By Petruzzi4
    I love this show! Harvey and Mike are a great combo! but! if you have Amazon Prime, you could get the first 3 seasons on there😉
  • WHAT!

    By S.ALM97
    If you haven't purchased this show yet then what the hell are you doing with your life?

    By Zaffit1
    I look forward to watching this show every week. It's exciting and intriguing. It definitely keeps you at the end of your seat with each difficult situation. Brilliant!!!
  • 5 star

    By ajebutterr
    Fantastic! 1st episode made me comeback for more. So addictive. Intriguing plot and wonderful acting SUITS SUITS SUITS SUITS SUITS
  • UPL

    By Eric Ballinger
    The concept is stupid. It's called the "unauthorized practice of law without a license" and its illegal. Making sure lawyers go to school, pass the bar and have a license is designed to protect the public. Condoning this is sends a bad message to the public.
  • F iTunes

    By Jaress
    I bought the SD pilot to see if I would like it, did like it, so bought season 1 SD version - took my money, wouldn't download, couldn't even go back to the SD version, then it took double charged me for the HD version - completely ripped off her
  • Veryyyy gooooood

    By Amir Hossein
    I like it