iCarly, Vol. 5

iCarly, Vol. 5


  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2011-08-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 12
From 906 Ratings


Hold your sauce! Freddie and Sam are officially together, but involve Carly in every single fight! Meanwhile, Gibby’s on a mission to break them up, Carly starts dating a super smart guy, and the gang create a web feed that ends up shutting down iCarly!


Title Time Speed
1 iDate Sam & Freddie 23:44 45,161 KB/Sec Download
2 iCan't Take It 23:44 30,571 KB/Sec Download
3 iLove You 23:43 21,704 KB/Sec Download
4 iQ 23:43 43,749 KB/Sec Download
5 iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo 23:42 29,372 KB/Sec Download
6 iStill Psycho 46:16 22,403 KB/Sec Download
7 iBalls 23:38 30,175 KB/Sec Download
8 iMeet the First Lady 23:43 21,886 KB/Sec Download
9 iToe Fat Cakes 23:18 39,976 KB/Sec Download
10 Bonus Content, Pt. 1 06:23 40,315 KB/Sec Download
11 Bonus Content, Pt. 2 04:08 49,297 KB/Sec Download



  • iCaly

    By alejandra0956
  • The best show ever

    By Sasha795
    I miss this show so much ! And now I can watch it here it's not on Hulu or Netflix this is awesome ❤️
  • Great, just should have gotten it on Amazon instead😭

    By People destroy the world!!!!!!
    I have nothing wrong with icarly, but I had bought 1 episode from vol. 4 and 3 from vol. 5 and one day I go to watch them and they are gone!!!! DARN YOU APPLE! iOS 8 , worst update ever, totally messed up!
  • Eh...

    By Vampira2001
    I LOVE icarly, but I hate this whole "seddie" thing. I mean, the point of Sam & Freddie is that they hate each other right?? And Sam isn't as mean as she used to be. Plus, now it barely focuses on the web show, it seems more like its all about love and relationships now 😕 I really liked the old episodes. They were funnier and more original. I think this is y they cancelled the show too📺💔
  • Icarly

    By NKB1999
    So nice and so bad
  • STUPid

    By awesome app 2 download
    SSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUPPPPIIIIIIDDDDDDDi cant believe we cant put0 stars " oh my boyfriend cheated on me i am gonna kill her, blah blah blah'
  • simply horrible

    By Koal88
    Bleach i hate icarly my daughter is so discausted with this show so am i boo on icarly i am glad it ended!!!!
  • Luv it!

    By Very Beautiful lady
    I love iCarly! This is the best season ever!
  • iBalls

    By ADOmega
    Lol I love this season especially iBalls where Spencer hires an hilarious assistant and later they have a flashback about all they did lol that awesome but I wonder what the name of the song was that they used for the flashback...
  • shut down???

    By Mac
    Im sorry but when did it shut down?? hellooooo this is going waaaay down hill! fix it please