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Title Time Speed



  • Best Cop Show!

    By Imagination
    A show with a lead actor that always shines. Good cast, not great but ajr boss! OMG
  • No

    By Shvshjfxbjgsthcf
    I don't like this show. Chicago Med is way better😒
  • Missing Episodes

    By Cormac Ó Mídhe
    Where is the one where the set up the torture house to extract confessions from innocent Black people? What about the one where the department defrauds the city out of overtime pay so that they can’t afford training or new hires? How about a flashback episode where they conspire with the FBI to assassinate Fred Hampton?
  • Amazing

    By AbesBecka
    Love this show
  • Amazing!

    By Maddy cunningham
    This show is amazing the acting is Effin' amazing. All of it is amazing. I love this show so much. If you like SVU you'll love this one. Hands down one of the best crime dramas.
  • Just started this show and it's awesome

    By anykine
    Love this show.....I really don't like shows like "the killing" or "the following" where it takes the whole season or longer to catch one bad guy. I prefer shows like this one or SVU or Criminal Minds where there is some closure after each episode. If you like Law and Order, you'll love Chicago PD.
  • Best Thing since Sliced Bread

    By S_Hines
    The cast is awesome!!! Dick Wolf does awesome research on the incidents that happen in each episode. The emotion is felt with each episode!!! So bummed they took it off demand!! I'm buying it though! I guess my husband and I are following the work of Dick Wolf. Thanks for the awesome work.
  • Love it!!!

    By Joe~
    Can't wait for season 2!
  • Excellent show

    By Capitonym
    Very powerful and compelling, each episode has a fresh twist.
  • Chicago PD is 5 Stars!!!

    By Megan820
    This show is amazing!!!! So worth watching!! Awesome cast!! Love how the storylines connect with Chicago Fire!!! Can't wait for Season 2!!!!!!